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      Obsesión (English Versión)

      Obsesión (English Versión)


      Album: We Broke The Rules

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      Aventura - Obsesión (English Versión) Música y Letra

      It's five o'clock in the morning and I have not slept at all
      Thinking of your beauty I stop crazy
      Insomnia is my punishment, your love is my relief
      And until you're mine I will not live in peace
      Well I met your boyfriend small and not good moso
      And I know that does not love you, for your speech
      Also you do not love that the height does not
      Do not know as I would please you
      But I'll be patient because he is not competence
      So I have no reason to respect
      Noooooo, not love what you feel is called obsession
      An illusion in your mind
      That makes you do things
      So does the heart
      Well dressed in my Lexus comes to your school
      Inform you left, like a madman I reach you
      You look and you will not and I was worried
      To calm my anxiety I wanted to call you
      But did not have your number
      And your friend and I am denied
      Being pretty much helped me
      That brought me the solution
      I know that he liked and gave him a look
      With two little words gave me your number
      Called cell phone and you do not answer
      Then I put a beeper and had no connection
      My only hope is that you hear my words
      (She) I can not I have a boyfriend
      (He) no hooks me please
      Noooooo, not love
      (He) listen to me please
      What you feel is called obsession
      An illusion
      (He) I'm losing control
      In your mind
      That makes you do things
      So does the heart ...
      My love for God hooks me not just wait there's more (spoken)
      I quote pa 'the psychiatrist to see if I helped
      Well, I have no single friends about you
      What I want is to talk to try to kiss you
      Obsessively be that one can die (sung fast)
      You might think I'm stupid, and crazy privon
      But is that I love very original
      Fall in love like others, conquered in my
      Love is my talent, I will love
      Sorry if I offend you, but I'm honest
      With luxuries hear my version details
      Pure chocolate cream, closer and devour
      Take you to another world in your mind heart
      Come on an adventure, do a thousand mad
      I make strokes that are not inventao
      (Repeat several times to end)
      Not love, not love
      It's an obsession

      Aventura - Obsesión (English Versión) Música y Letra




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